G63 G65 AMG V8 V12 engine

A 5.5-liter AMG-built twin-turbo V8 engine lurks behind the updated face, complete with a heady 544 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. The direct-injection engine is also laden with fuel-saving gear, including a start/stop system and an intelligent alternator that only charges the vehicle’s electrical system when needed.

We’re guessing the tech may help move the boxy Gel?ndewagen’s fuel economy from supremely abysmal to merely exceptionally atrocious [ LOL ]. Mercedes-Benz hasn’t released any solid estimates beyond saying the numbers have improved by around 13 percent on the EU cycle. Keep in mind, that’s with 44 more horsepower than the outgoing G55 AMG. A seven-speed automatic transmission handles shifting duties.

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Finally it’s been confirmed — Mercedes-Benz will build a G65 AMG, although the beast of an SUV won’t be coming to the U.S.

While a select few people might be disappointed with that news, it’s really not much of a loss. Owning one will cost €250,000, which translates to about $329,000, though that doesn’t necessarily reflect how much it would cost to buy here.

For that staggering price, you get a twin-turbo V12-powered off-road monster with 603 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque.

Not that it matters particularly because the car won’t be coming to us, but just like the rest of updated G-Class , the majority of updates occur in the cabin with tiny tweaks to the exterior.

Sporting those updates doesn’t detract from the boxy and unmistakably G-Class boxy exterior that looks as at home outside a mansion as on a safari. Even so, it’s hard not to look at the price tag and wonder how many people would spend that much given the competition at that price point.

For example, the same money offers you the choice of almost any ultra high-end brand: Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, not quite Maybach but hey we’re comparing it to a Mercedes.

Hello world!

G65 AMG.

This is why we love AMG. With the all the concerns about oil crisis and environmental issues and what not, we were not sure if they were going to make the G63, let alone a V12-powered G65. But they did, and boy oh boy is it awesome. The 65 gets the same sort of body kit as the G63, but thanks to the chrome mesh grille, different wheels and some other minor details, it just looks more luxurious.

To be more specific, it comes with high-gloss chrome radiator grille, the 9.5 x 20 AMG five-spoke light alloy wheels, painted titanium grey with high-sheen finish, its 275/50 R 20 tyres and the V12 BITURBO logo on the mudguards. The G65 also gets the same refined interior, garnished with designo leather exclusive upholstery and the leather instrument panel trim, plus lots of V12 badges.

Under the bonnet this car has a tower of power in form of a 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine, which features new exhaust turbochargers with increased spiral cross-section, flow-optimised wastegate channels, multi-spark ignition with twelve double-ignition coils and a higher-power engine control unit.

All that means it pumps out 450 kW (612 hp) and maximum torque of 1000 newton metres. The G65 is not that faster than the G63 – it does 0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds compared to the 63?s 5.4, and tops 230 km/h whereas G63 only manages 210 – but the fact that it’s the full-fat range-topping V12 makes it massively desirable.

The only problem with having one of these is the price, which is a whopping 264,180 euros.